Toronto Film Festival to honor director David Cronenberg … with a game.

According to CinemaBlend, the Toronto Film Festival (TIFF) is planning a retrospective for legendary Canadian film director David Cronenberg, whose credits range from indie hits and Academy-admired works, from The Fly and Dead Ringers to The History of Violence and this year’s Carl Jung character study, A Dangerous Method. In a true Kill Screen twist, however, the retrospective will use Augmented Reality games to honor the filmmaker’s canon. 

The plan for an ARG, tentatively titled Body/Mind/Change, is a seemingly ideal way to look back on a director whose work tends to focus on the blurring between media and reality, most famously in the cult thriller, Videodrome. With backing from the Canadian government, TIFF plans to release playable content by this year’s festival in September. 

As Max Renn says, “Long live the new flesh.”

-Lyndsey Edelman