The toylike world of Lovely Weather We’re Having will be with us soon

Colorful going-outside sim Lovely Weather We’re Having has a release date of November 10th for PC and Mac.

You can watch the Big Announcement in this totally real clip from the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Lovely Weather We’re Having is described as a “goal-free” game about spending time outside, chatting with locals, kicking rocks, and just generally enjoying the blobby scenery, rain or shine.

According to its website, the game uses local weather data to simulate nearby weather conditions, so if it’s raining in real life, it’ll probably be raining in the game too. This might result in a change of mood for certain NPCs, but it won’t necessarily trigger any “plot points” or “mysteries” to unlock.

“A lot of games are designed around this cycle of conflict > resolution > conflict,” creator Julian Glander told us in a recent interview. “I have enough of that in my real life, so when I play games I don’t really get anything out of accomplishing tasks or winning things. In my opinion, it’s more appealing to move around a space and see what’s up, on your own terms.”

The game looks as vibrant and toy-like as something by Keita Takahashi, so exploring its world should be appealing indeed. If the song in its gameplay trailer is anything to go off of, it should sound amazing too.

You can find Lovely Weather We’re Having on its website,, and Steam.