The trailer for Wing Commander creator’s new game features world’s longest crescendo

If you loved Wing Commander as a kid, you’re in for a treat. The franchise’s creator Chris Roberts teased his new project Space Citizen, a space sim that will apparently reinvigorate the genre and restore its place alongside democracy as mankind’s greatest achievement.  He is, of course, crowd-funding the effort on his own site which crashed almost immediately. 

Seriously though, this trailer is on the ascent for pretty much the entire trailer which we recommend is the optimal amount of crescendo for a teaser. Tom informs us that the compositional name is “hemiola” or you can just call it by its normal name: ridiculous. This is my new theme for life. After yesterday’s Red Bull-sponsored space skydive was cancelled, I need something to lift my spirits and I think I’ve found it.

Jump to the 1:10 if you want to cut to the chase unless you like looking at space ships, then you can watch the whole thing.