Transformers 3’s tech makes us wonder about the necessity of blockbuster films and games

While there may be few that would argue Transformers 3 was a great movie, a couple new videos out of visual effect studios ILM and Digital Domain featured at Slashfilm dissect a few action sequences and show the amount of work that was put in to every shot. Watching every individual layer stripped out and then replaced reveals the amount of digital additions and subtle changes made. Highlighted in the videos, the minuscule details added in to the film very easily could have gone completely unnoticed, yet subconsciously enhanced a sense of realism.

Conversely, blockbuster games are always praised or critiqued at least partially based on their technological prowess. High profile movies and games are rarely praised for just how much they get right. The level of effort and polish they present sets new technological standards but they’re shallow narrative experiences.

Who are blockbusters for? Though they remain financially popular, others working within the same mediums rarely show them much respect. This fact seems to imply something about our expectations of both games and movies. Do we want polish or innovation? Blockbusters, though they’re incredible feats, seem like little more than self-congratulatory naval gazing amongst the boys club of bigger, stronger, faster. But do we still need them?

– Adnan Agha

[via Slashfilm]