Transmedia Manifest gets down to brass tacks of alternate reality

Until now, transmedia has been held to the obscenity test. You know it when you see it, but its hard to come up with a definition. When I interviewed Jim Babb for the Public Play issue, even he had trouble summing it up-and he has helped create several successful transmedia projects!

Thankfully, a group of transmedia-ists have came up with a list that explains the confounding storytelling technique.

Thesis 1. Claiming reality: Fiction supersedes reality, becoming as immersive as possible.

Thesis 2. Rabbit holes: The story offers multiple entry points to the experiencer, depending on the medium and situation in which it is used.

Thesis 3. Story universe: The experiencer no longer follows one dramatic thread but chooses among several intersecting storylines, which merge into a single story-universe.

And so on…

Or they could have just said it’s like reading a book while surfing the net, playing a videogame, playing on the playground, watching YouTube, going on a scavenger hunt, listening to an iPod, and sometimes dancing.

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-Jason Johnson