Trent Reznor wowed by the size of Call of Duty production, inspired by indies

While KS regular Yannick LeJacq was waxing with NIN front Trent Reznor about the soundtrack for the the new Call of Duty, Reznor made some apt observations about the differences between games and music:

I walked into Treyarch studios and was just like, “Holy sh–!” It blew my mind that all of these pieces get coordinated. It was several months before it was finished, and you see all these different guys working on assets. These guys are doing this, this team’s doing that, these people are doing that, and they’re all tied into this, someone’s got to coordinate that. In my world, when I’m trying to do a record, it’s me and two other guys. We all just have to remember to show up at the same time. If we’re doing a tour, there might fifty people.

Now on one side, that is sort of cool. But on the other side…I just watched “Indie Game: The Movie” the other day. Seeing those very home-brewed, passion-filled projects, I think it’s cool that there is this potential marketplace where someone can reach a lot of people. There are systems set up where indie game developers can reach masses. Whether it be Minecraft or Super Meat Boy, you know, it can find its audience out there.