"Trial of the Clone," a modern choose-your-own-adventure story, gets kickstarted.

In case you missed the chance to meet the creator of the Choose Your Own Adventure series last Sunday, rest assured that you still have more opportunities to relive your childhood. Zach Weiner, of Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, is kickstarting a new “choosable pathway gamebook” called “Trial of the Clone” in the same vein. 

Since I was about 12, it’s been a dream of mine to write an adventure game like the old Lone Wolf books by Joe Dever. Thanks to some encouragement from my publishers at Breadpig, I finally did it. “Trial of the Clone” is a comedy science fiction story set in the future. Think Douglas Adams, but meaner. It’s taken a lot of time to build many different tracks for players to take, and I think you’ll enjoy it.

[via Kickstarter]