Turn your gyrating dance moves into sweet music with this app

The digital age has revolutionized the way we consume and produce music. The accessibility of production software has enabled a new generation of tech savvy DJs to take the global stage. For many, creating music is now easier than ever.

Regardless, learning to create music is easier said than done – mastering electronic music production takes technological know how, persistence, and a well-tuned ear. The dream of creating music themselves is still out of reach for the majority of music fans.

In an effort to change this, a group of musicians, designers, engineers, and researchers in France have joined forces to bring music creation to the masses. The team, Phonotonic, has created Interactive Music Battle (IMB)– a connected group of objects that transforms movements into music.

IMB is quite simple. It includes two connected objects and an app on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Users launch the app, select their genre, pick up the objects, and begin moving. The connected objects talk to the app via WiFi and track your movements using sensors. The data is then converted into music and played back in real time.

The music “follows your moves,” and changes in response to the speed and direction of your movements. One connected object is for rhythm and the second creates the melody so two users are encouraged to play at once.

No screen is required, so practically anywhere can be your music studio. If you don’t feel like holding the sensor, it can be removed from its casing and attached to any object you like. Place it in your sock, or attach it to an object and throw it to your partner; the music experience is yours to invent.

Musical expression was once an art reserved for the most talented individuals. Now, it can be performed and shared among friends with ease. IMB facilitates creativity, encourages social interaction, and promotes physical activity all in the name of an inclusive multi-sensual experience. IMB has been awarded 1st prize at the Guthman Musical Instrument Competition and has also been exhibited at MoMA, NYC.

Supported by business incubator Agoranov and French Cultural Center Le Centquatre-Paris, and backed by 10 years of extensive research, IMB looks like a promising investment for the future of music technology.

The product is currently in Kickstarter, and has until July 14th to get support for its December release.

Interactive Music Battle // Agoranov // Le Centquatre-Paris

This post was originally written by Charlie Stephens for PSFK.