Tyranny is an RPG about being properly evil

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Tyranny (Windows, Mac)


The alternative title for Tyranny is, presumably, “50 Shades of Evil.” It’s an isometric RPG in the traditional style that takes place in a world where evil has won. It doesn’t want you to quell this evil, instead, it wants you to enforce its rule, and asks you to indulge in your sadism. Mostly, it does this through the choices it asks you to make: Will you smother a baby? Commit the mass murder of innocents? Throw a prisoner out of a very high tower to make a point? The wicked genius of Tyranny is how it makes those options both devastating and satisfying. It’s best to leave your morals at the door for this one. Oh, and good news: if you’re the type of person who wants to focus on story and skip combat, Tyranny does have a Story Mode to provide that kind of experience.

Perfect for: Donald Trump, actual demons, sadists

Playtime: 12-20 hours