UNACCEPTABLE: Robert Florence forced to abandon Eurogamer column for telling the truth

Long story short: Robert Florence’s piece lambasting swag-hungry game journos called out one in particular, who publically defended her right to enter a raffle for a free PS3 at the Games Media Awards. Lauren Wainwright’s (who, it turns out, does undisclosed work for major game studios in addition to her “journalism”) employer, Intent Media, asked Eurogamer to censor the article in question. They did. 

Today, Florence announced that he is no longer writing for Eurogamer. The immediate details of his departure are not clear, but Florence tweeted today, “Also, don’t blame Eurogamer for this. The threat of legal action brings unbelievable pressure. I am clear on who the bad guys are in this.”

– – –

This is an absolute, bat-shit crazy travesty of journalistic ethics. In any other field of journalism, the idea of a journalist being forced out because of a story about fully-documented near-collusion between journalists and PR would be absolutely anathema. 

Do not let this go unnoticed.