The Uncommons cafe brings boardgames to NYC

One of the dilemmas of playing boardgames is that you have to have enough intelligent friends with the attention span and free schedules to sit down and play them. For our lucky readers in Manhattan, that will soon be less of a concern, as The Uncommons, which claims to be the one and only boardgame cafe in the district, is set to open on November 19th.

Located at 230 Thompson Street, The Uncommons have on-hand a popular collection of family classics, abstract and Euro-style boardgames, ranging from Battleship to Risk, Settler of Catan to Carcassone, Dixit to Ticket to Ride, and Blokus to Hive. So be sure to pay them a visit on boardgame night. This totally makes us non-New Yorkers jealous, but hopefully this is a trend that will catch on in the rest of the world.