Unsolicited shows us the begrudging lives behind junk mail

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Unsolicited (PC, Mac, Linux

BY Lucas Pope

Given the vacuity of the junk mail that mailboxes regularly puke onto entrance mats, you’d be forgiven to think there wasn’t a single soul behind it. In one respect, you’re right, as the souls of the people who are paid to produce junk mail probably died a long time ago. Such is the nature of the job. This is something you’ll discover as you play Lucas Pope’s latest game, Unsolicited. Similar to Pope’s celebrated solo debut Papers, PleaseUnsolicited has you sorting through and filling out documents for an unforgiving authority. This time, instead of serving a post-war Eastern European state, it’s an American company that pays you. Communist evils are swapped for capitalist evils. The result is more or less the same: you suffer while trying to keep up with the demands of increasingly complex paperwork, and you’re forced to drag the misery of others along with you.

Perfect for: Junk mail sufferers, data entry deputies, fans of Papers Please 

Playtime: Half an hour