Unsurprisingly, Jonathan Blow hates Sony’s SmartWig

And who can blame him? The oxymoronic device which Sony has patented is a toupee that sends “tactile feedback” to your cerebral cortex when you, say, receive an email, or an important text. The hypothetical mane would be equipped with a variety of sensors, and possibly GPS, a point-and-click camera, a laser-pointer (potentially awesome for blinding others when negotiations aren’t going your way), and will conveniently detect ultrasonic frequencies. The news caused Blow to sarcastically tweet: 

The dawn of wearable computing is upon us, but it’s important for developers of such things to show some discretion and ask themselves this question: What is this aiming for? Computational fashion like HeartSync—the future-chic corsets that exchange color based on your heart rate—is not very useful, but fashionable and cool. Wearable technology like Google Glass: not very fashionable, but potentially very useful. We don’t necessarily need things like SmartWig that occupy the middle ground by not doing anything particularly useful or looking cool. That is, unless it comes in Matthew McConaughey hair!