Digital art duo JODI comes to NY, shows off Burnout mods.

Artists Joan Heemskerk and Dirk Paesmans, better known as JODI, have an upcoming exhibition, “JODI: Street Digital,” at the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens. One of the works featured shows JODI’s connection to videogame modification,

Burnout (History of Car Games) (2004–2012) is a collection of video recordings of JODI playing a series of driving games produced over the past fifteen years. They screech their tires and do “donuts,” spinning in circles over and over, making the piece equal parts media history and slapstick farce.

JODI, for some time now, has played an important role in crossing over videogame modifications with other digital technologies and software. The exhibition opens on March 31stand runs until May 20th. Go see it!

[via Museum of the Moving Image]