An upcoming microbiological videogame looks pretty chill

Existence is stressful. This is what the passage of time teaches us as we trade our carefree childhoods for a decision-ridden adult life. Modern life can fill us to the brim with anxiety. Our brains conspire against us, pumping our minds full of negative thoughts, paralyzing our bodies with indecision as we are asked to confront the long road of our lives and the individual choices that form the paving stones beneath our feet.

Wow, that got a bit real there. But, hey, if ever you need a respite from the chaos of everyday life, return to the basics in Life of Sundura, an upcoming ‘interactive story’ about the life of a simple organism.

explore the life cycle of an eel-like organism

Still in its early stages of development by Vakey Rujevic, the sumptuously animated Life of Sundura will explore the life cycle of an eel-like organism, Sundura, in four stages: Life, Growth, Purpose, and finally Death. Raised from infancy by her mother, Sundura must find her own way along a circular migration route established by her ancestors, discovering what it means to live as she interacts with the surrounding environment and other life forms, and eventually give birth to new life of her own.

Unlike her predecessors, however, Sundura will encounter resistance from newly arrived artificial organisms attempting to leach life from her natural habitat.

Life of Sundura 1

The base version of Life of Sundura will allow you to experience Sundura’s birth, growth, mother/child interaction, and ultimately her death, while following the circular current of debris that marks her migration path. There will be more to come, such as predators, hunting, environments, and the above-mentioned artificial organisms. The game’s fluid animation can be previewed in pre-production GIFs, below.

Follow the development of Life of Sundura on Twitter, Tumblr, and TIGSource.

Life of Sundura 2
Life of Sundura 3
Life of Sundura 4