The swanky Atari game Kayne would play

The most upscale game of Breakout ever has been spotted at Louis Vuitton’s online shop. This is totally the way to play Atari while drinking rosé and sunbathing on yachts. The game is part of their campaign to promote their line of pricy, checkered-patterned, calfskin iPhone and iPad cases, in tandem with a cool, posh stop-motion advertisment inspired by retro games. Sure, it’s just your standard game of Breakout with all the ball-bouncing and power-ups; but it’s also Breakout played with fine leather goods standing in for the paddle and blocks, which makes it worth ten times as much. Right?

Not so fast. Unlike the cases and handbags which will cost you an arm and a leg, the game is completely free, and you can play it here.