With user reviews, Steam is one step closer to Amazon

Soon you will have even less motivation to venture outside the cosy confines of Steam’s grey and black home-screen, as the digital game platform is adding user-reviews to their software suite. (Metacritic scores are already integrated.) “Steam Reviews,” as you might expect, let Steam users review the games that they play on Steam. You can up-vote or down-vote reviews, as well as follow erudite reviewers, and game developers are invited to tag along.

A good way to think of Steam is as the Amazon of videogames. Amazon, grew incrementally, from an online bookseller to a store that vends everything—from tablets to streaming services to imported sun-dried tomatoes—and it relies on its users to help sort the good from the bad. (The culture that sprung up around items such as three wolf moon and the gallon of milk are something else entirely.)

Starting with the obvious, they’re both based in Washington. And while Valve focuses squarely on games, they have grown from a humble game studio to a mighty publisher that has invented their own gamepad and that manufactures consoles to play their digital goods, much like Amazon has done with the Kindle. They both have daily deals that maintain a buzz. And they’re creating a community that revolves around the store. (I repeat, a community around a store!) Oh yeah, they’re getting into filmmaking too, collaborating with J.J. Abrams. Can the Steam equivalent of Amazon Instant Video be far behind?