Vice made a documentary about street violence to market Dishonored

Vice made the web series Eye For An Eye to market Dishonored, a game about sweet, sweet revenge. As part of this marketing campaign, Vice showed documentary footage of street violence and violence prevention group CeaesFire’s attempts to resolve conflicts peacefully. 

The web mini-series interviewed local “violence interrupters” Tio Hardiman and Ameena Matthews while showing raw footage of their attempts to mitigate brewing street conflicts. After playing audio of off-camera gunfire at the end of a botched interruption attempt, the second part (released Monday) ended with Matthews expressing hope to Vice’s film crew that their documentary would start conversations and compel people to stand up against the cycle of violence. She added, “I don’t want people, America, Chicago to get desensitized…to what’s not right.”

As it turns out, Vice is using Chicago Interrupted to start conversations. Unfortunately, those conversations are less about Chicago violence and more about a fantasy action video game called Dishonored.

The documentary, Chicago Interrupted has since been removed from Vice’s Eye For An Eye marketing web site.