For once, a videogame that has you clear up the violence rather than cause it

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Viscera Cleanup Detail (PC

BY Runestorm

For most people, the idea of cleaning up anything sucks. It’s a chore; not meant to be enjoyed, just endured. What’s going on with Viscera Cleanup Detail then? This is a videogame purely about cleaning that has enjoyed two years of popularity before it was even finished. People are lapping it up like a mop head does spilled liquid. One user review finds comedy in how the person who wrote it refuses to clean their messy room but has scrubbed an entire spaceship in a videogame. Another user review discovers the reason why. “There’s something seriously zen about mopping up the aftermath of all these incidents,” they write. It’s true. Not having to deal with all the smell and feel of the gore, bullet casings, and severed limbs you deal with on the ravaged spaceship, all that’s left is the satisfying process of transforming messy rooms into spotless ones. It’s bliss.

Perfect for:  Janitors, people with ocd, parents of messy teens     

Playtime: 10+ Hours