A videogame about sacrificing townspeople to an unseen god

The Sacrifice, made by team foxboard for a Ludum Dare is, at first glance, a difficult-to-impossible resource management game. Players direct a town comprised of five families, assigning seasonal tasks and trying to maintain enough housing, food reserves, morale, and secrecy. At the same time, players also act as executioner. At the end of each season, one townsperson must be sacrificed to maintain the graces of their god.

Morality has little to no place in your decision making.

Morality has little to no place in your decision making. A murderer may be well-liked and their death may cause more civil unrest than the death of a hard worker townspeople consider weird. While you have fewer to house and feed if people leave, with them they’ll take rumors of your sacrifices, bringing critical eyes and the demise of your town.

Your task in The Sacrifice is simple, but difficult: Maintain food and housing, choose who to kill to keep your town surviving, and make sure those who are left are happy despite the constant deaths. Isn’t paganism wonderful?

You can download The Sacrifice for free over on itch.io.