Videogames and Hollywood films threaten Westernization of the East, warns Chinese leader.

It’s tough competing with the supremely cool United States, what with our Hollywood films and sleek videogames. 

Paramount Chinese leader Hu Jintao has warned his communist party that the proliferation and popularization of American culture, not the American military, was the greatest threat to the East. In a speech this month, the leader emphasizes that hostile forces of the West endanger Chinese order ”to Westernize and split” the country, particularly through videogames, movies, and music. 

Fortunately for all those Chinese gamers, the state has authorized the release of what will surely be a compelling new game, Glorious Mission, a civilian version of their army’s training simulator, according to state-run news. Chinese officials plan to spearhead other culturally oriented projects as well.

In particular, the success of Dreamworks’ Kung Fu Panda at the Chinese box office last year has the government fearing for Chinese youth who enjoy American fare. Furthermore, many American videogame titles have already been banned and threaten to be banned with toughening censorship. 

[via USA Today]

– Lyndsey Edelman