Videogames finally get a history at this year’s GDC.

While some of the world’s leading museums have starting gamifying their content in one way or another, how games themselves fit into curatorial content remains an open question. This year’s GDC will tackle the question with a unique exhibition:

The ‘History Of 3D Games’ exhibit includes original games and hardware spanning titles from Web Warp for the Vectrex vector graphics-based console and Star Raiders for the Atari 5200, spanning history that includes Virtua Racing for the Saturn,Alone In The Dark for the 3DO, and even Red Alarmfor Nintendo’s Virtual Boy.

A particular highlight is a collection of early PC and Mac titles running on suitable hardware, includingCatacombs 3D, Ultima Underworld, and Alpha Wavesfor the PC, and games including The Colony, Wolfenstein 3DPathways Into DarknessDoom,Descent and Quake for the Mac.

Now that everything is fast becoming a touch-screen, I wonder how younger games will respond to the toy-like heft and silliness of some older gaming devices.

Yannick LeJacq

[via Gamasutra]