A 100 year old woman appreciates how the Nintendo DS keeps her mind active.

We tend to associate old people with, well, old games. But one woman had a different idea for how to settle into the triple digits:

Kit, who turned 100 last week, only started playing video games at the age of 96, but she now relies on her DS console to keep her mind active. “The Nintendo has been a great help to me, it’s absolutely amazing. If there’s any secret to a long life it’s to think positive and keep your mind active.”

Kit’s collection of 10 DS games includes My Word Coach, Left Brain Right Brain 2, Easy Piano and Brain Training. She reveals that her most recent Brain Training age was 64, which is perhaps testament to her use of video games to keep her mind active.

After wearing out her first DS console, bought for her by daughter Pam Stewart, Kit is now on her second unit. “It’s absolutely super. I don’t feel a day over 80. I can’t speak highly enough of it,” she says.

Not bad for the Scottish woman who lives alone and had both of her legs amputated. So long, bingo! 

-Yannick LeJacq

[via VentureBeat]