Videogames now "more creative than reading."

To all the haters out there that still maintain that “gamers don’t think,” videogames have just won over another interesting cultural advocate. The decidedly literary British playwright Lucy Prebble of ENRON and Secret Diary of a Call Girl fame went as far as to call out her own medium in a recent think-piece in The Observer, saying the experience of playing videogames is “more creative than reading”:

The writer has a bizarre and ridiculous response to struggling with their environment. Even the actor, faced with their place in the order of things, has the relatively sane response of becoming adept at changing themselves better to suit the world. The writer, thwarted and disappointed by their existence, storms upstairs, slams the door and seethes: “If that’s what the world’s like, I’m going to create my own…” What closer analogy is there to the powerless teen who retires into SimCity or Civilization to build and rule over some other, smaller characters for a while?

Phew! Well now that that’s finally settled, can we get back to work building up our Sims characters?

Yannick LeJacq

[via The Observer]