Videogames that explore sexuality from a woman’s perspective are game changers

Sex is traditional thought of as an offensive and defensive game, with the man trying to steal home, while the woman hopes to get three outs to end the inning. Getting youth to think outside of this stereotype is one of the goals of a forward-thinking sex education class that is written about in this week’s New York Times Magazine.

Regarding the statistic… that 70 percent of women do not orgasm through vaginal penetration alone – one boy exclaimed when we talked, “That shocked me, a lot.” The other boys also told me they’d been in the dark about the mysteries of female sexual satisfaction. “I think I sort of knew where the clitoris was, but I didn’t know it was, like, under something,” one said. Another declared, “It’s almost like a wake-up call.” He paused. “To not just please yourself.”

While the baseball analogy may no longer hold true for modern sexual lifestyles, a few games dispel the old, male-dominate ways of thinking, i.e. “scoring.” First there is Lapis, a game demo that tackles the trouble-spot of teaching women how to enjoy their orgasm. 

Also, a catty game concept presented at Game Developers Conference put players in the position of a woman preparing for a sexual encounter. 

[The] game would commence with the player having to pick an outfit for a date that was intended to conclude with their deflowering. It would have to be the least complicated outfit possible… nothing with zippers that get stuck, or too many buttons or ties.

Then, there would be a mini game in which players would have to shave their legs, making especially sure not to miss the all-important spot “by the knees.” 

Sources: New York Times Magazine, CNN

-Jason Johnson