Virtual reality shamanism is real, totally nuts

Have you ever thought to yourself, or aloud, “What would a religion based on virtual reality be like?” No? It’s just me and this guy, then. 

Michael Allison has constructed a religious rite around the virtual headset—a religious rite that involves having an oscillating fan blown in your face and chanting “I am become bit” [sic], no less. Know as Ecstatic Computation, this cybernetic baptism may sound a bit batshit, but the creator’s intent is to trigger a state of ecstasy, which is, according to his definition, a feeling of being outside yourself. Everything you see in the video is supposably based on research of shamanistic rituals, such as those that enlist “ritual drumming and chanting … meditating and… the aid of entheogenic substances like ayahuasca,” to quote Allison’s blog

Click play and behold the birth of technoshamanism.