Visit the ghost of high school past in Oxenfree

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Oxenfree (PC, Mac, Xbox One)


Ghosts haunt all high school kids. Whether its that publicly humiliating story you can’t shake from your preteen years, or the apparition of “what might’ve been” if you’d asked your crush out; adolescence is a haunting experience. So maybe that’s why we keep torturing our teens in horror movies, games, and novels. The branching narrative game Oxenfree explores the more existential questions of teen horror: rather than a pure whodunit, the game keeps you enticed through clever writing and spot on atmosphere. It follows the ill-fated journey of a group of high school friends who decide to seclude themselves on a creepy island. But beyond generic teenaged tropes, Oxenfree encapsulates the awkward hope and horror of adolescence on a universal scale.

Perfect for: Holden Caulfield, the cast of I Know What You Did Last Summer, Telltale fans

Playtime: Four hours