See Mario and Pac-Man transformed from pixels into 3D light

No, this astounding glass orb which contains beautiful rippling graphics is not the same thing as that plasma globe that sat on your nightstand when you were 11. Sorry if you got your hopes up.

It is actually something much cooler: a volumetric display. The term volumetric display is just fancy jargon for any device that arranges pixels in three dimensions, instead of the flat arrangement we’re used to from our screens and monitors. Thus, the volume. The idea is similar in concept to Matt Parker’s Lumarca, a cube of dangling luminescent light which has praise heaped on it by everyone who see it. 

This one, called the voLumen, was created by a teen from Austria called Maximilian Mali. It has plenty of trippy geometric art as well as a few shout-outs to games, like Pac-Man chasing Blinky. But the real star of the show is the engineering itself, seen at the 1:55 mark, where he slows his device down to a crawl to show that the graphics are created by a series of spiraling blades with lights on them. Fascinating stuff!

via Prosthetic Knowledge