Wadjet Eye makes good on the the promise of touchscreen adventure gaming

Today, Wadjet Eye Games, the publisher of compelling modern classics of the adventure gaming ilk, announced that they are bringing to iOS their back catalogue of well-regarded games, such as Primordia and the Blackwell series. It’s great news, because adventure games and tablets are a match made in, if not heaven, then, at a relatively highbrow drinking establishment.

When tablets first made a splash, the touchable devices seemed destined for a Renaissance of the adventure game. Touching and tapping was a natural fit for the venerable genre historically controlled by the click of a mouse. However, that future never materialized. 

Aside from the Monkey Island Special Edition, the vast majority of LucasArts back catalog was left by the wayside. For whatever reason, the classics fans were clamoring, such as Day of the Tentacle, Grim Fandango, and Full Throttle, never made an appearance. While Double Fine, a.k.a. the house that Tim Schafer built, has ventured out in other directions, they haven’t released a proper adventure title on the platform. Of course, there’s Telltale. And while they have worked wonders with The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us, there hasn’t exactly been a groundswell of games like them.

But now that Wadjet Eye is coming out guns-a’blazing, hopefully others will follow suit, and we’ll see what these tablets can really do for the adventurer with gadgets.