Wait, the Sony Kinect? [Head explode]

Shouts out to Kotaku for catching that Sony has patented some motion-sensing technology that is explicitly similar to Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect:

The patent is for a “USER-DRIVEN THREE-DIMENSIONAL INTERACTIVE GAMING ENVIRONMENT”, which would involve plugging a camera into a PlayStation and using it to read both a player’s movements and their positioning in a 3D space.

It was filed by none other than Richard Marks, the main man behind Sony’s PlayStation Move peripheral.

So, be on the lookout for that. In the meantime, here’s something to have a think about: is moving gaming into a three-dimensional spatial environment necessarily good? Yeah, it’s pretty cool, but running around in a virtual world can be just as tiring as running around in the real world. Don’t we sometimes just play games to take a break?

-Drew Millard

[via Kotaku]