Walk down the catacombs of the Luminaria: the pneumatic sculpture series with a videogame feel

Inspired by Islamic, Gothic, Archimedean and modern architecture, and reminiscent of the colors, caverns and trippiness of games like Psychonauts and Child of Eden, Architects of Air’s Luminaria have inflated all over the world. Designed by AoA leader Alan Parkinson, these interactive displays are made of a specially-tailored type of inflated PVC which creates a series of linked chambers for visitors to explore. What makes it cooler: the thinness of the PVC allows daylight to penetrate the walls, forcing them to fluoresce and give off vivid, luminous color. We think Tetsuya Mizuguchi would be proud. 

Check out the Architects of Air website to see if a Luminarium is being blown up near you. 

Lana Polansky