The Walking Dead is still breaking hearts

Telltale’s zombie adventure game The Walking Dead requires players to make tough decisions, like when to kill an infected human. The fourth episode in the five-part series drove Kotaku’s Tina Amini to her limits.

What a powerful, emotionally evocative game The Walking Dead is. When I play games I typically like to experience some amount of fun. Sure, a lot of games’ stories may be morbid and the enemies rancid, but The Walking Dead takes that to a whole other level. It breaks your heart at every turn. It strips you of hope and leaves you with nothing but the bad taste of dread in your mouth. And yet, I love it. I love being tortured, submitting myself to the whims of this increasingly devastating game. I love having my instinct for survival put to the test with difficult decisions that, no matter what you seem to choose, always result in even more difficult situations that need difficult decisions. By the end of episode four, you’ll see just how much your decisions have impacted the group you travel with.