Wander through a forsaken pixelscape in Gaia Gestalt

We’ve traversed these blocky fields before—in Proteus, of course, and Minecraft, but also Eidolon, even The Long Dark. Still, the new procedurally generated world from Ed Curtis-Sivess holds allure: you can see the world being drawn, the horizon just a stone’s throw away, for one. We move from bright pinwheeling fields to a Hunter S. Thompson desert, and on to mysterious pyramids, what looks like solid water. Curtis-Sivess says that, “As you discover more you begin to piece together the history of the land you inhabit, and what terrible things left it in its current state”—a tone hinted at by the blasts of static and the cartoonish darkness in the trailer. 

Curtis-Sivess has already deconstructed Dyad and the feminist classic The Yellow Wallpaper to surprising success, and now he seems to be aiming at Stranger in a Strange Land. It’s on Greenlight now.