Wanderment is a beautiful tribute to all the blind pets out there

As those of us who have ever had the privilege of owning a blind pet already know, they are bound to wander. Although their animal instincts are surprisingly effective at helping them navigate their surroundings even without eyesight, they aren’t perfect. It’s not surprising to see a blind dog play fetch and run up stairs with ease, only to run smack bang into a wall not three feet from their own bed. Because of this, clever pets may learn to take things slowly, and feel out their environment before moving forward.

In Wanderment, you are that animal. A free browser game made in 72 hours for Gamejolt’s CloneJamJord, in which developers were challenged to mimic the style of indie dev Jord Farrell (creator of the similar 2D platformer Leap Before You Look), Wanderment places you in the shoes of a blind kitty journeying across town to find its friend. But just like in Marvel’s Daredevil, just because you are blind does not mean you are helpless. Through a combination of touch, sound, and determination, you will able to make your way to your friend.

just because you are blind does not mean you are helpless 

Taking place in an urban environment represented entirely by abstract particles, it is up to the player to use ambient noise, thoughtful movement, and sound waves created by jumping to map out where they are and what they need to do next. If you’ve ever seen Avatar: The Last Airbender, think Toph…but with cat ears.

The end result is an adorable experience that manages to pay respect not only to some of our favorite blind heroes, but also to the blind animals who loyally stay by our sides, no matter how many walls stand in their way.