Want to know what tweets @therealcliffyb or @Notch are reading? New web tool gives you a glimpse.

This weekend I attended Rhizome’s annual Seven on Seven conference which presents 24-hour collaborations between artists and technologists. This year featured a host of new work including a fascinating collaboration between Aaron Schwartz and photographer Taryn Simon that allows you to see the difference in image searches in several different countries.

But my personal favorite was project created by Anthony Volodkin, founder of The Hype Machine, and performance artist Xavier Cha. After reflecting on questions of identity and data, they created a tool called Peep. It’s pretty simple — Twitter allows you to know who follows accounts which open up the question of what other people read when they open up Twitter. Peep simplly created a private list for you on Twitter that just aggregates all of that person’s followers into a simple stream so you’re literally seeing the world through another person’s eyes.

So if you’re curious what Notch, the creator of Minecraft, reads when he checks up on his more than 660,000 followers, give Peep a try.