Want to live inside a FPS? Here’s what it’d be like.

Imagine you’re a game designer obsessed with recreating your games in your apartment, and that you’re looking for a roommate. Beth Newell imagines just such a situation:

Future roommates are responsible for buying their own food and should NOT eat anything from the refrigerators in the biohazard containment room. The specimens in those refrigerators are both very dangerous and necessary to our survival should a countdown begin, signaling our need to escape through the labyrinthine corridors below the complex.

Please be tidy! We are dealing with a roach and mouse infestation at the moment, and even a small trail of blood will have them scurrying around for days. Also, these are not your ordinary “non-genetically engineered” roaches and mice. They will only retreat at the sight of a flamethrower.

[via Bygone Bureau]