Want to keep scams and clones out of the App Store? Follow the fashion industry.

Software studio Impending has an amazing post of what Apple can be doing to deal with scams and cloners who steal ideas. They list a host of potential fixes but this one caught my eye:

Better Education of App Store Customers: Much like the fashion industry, the App Store’s plague of knockoffs created a problem of uneducated customers unable to recognize the real thing vs. the counterfeit until after the sale. The App Store could have done a better job profiling quality studios and developers, beyond highlighting individual apps, and rewarded those who built an ongoing track record and reputation. Not just developers, but App Store customers as well, to weight their reviews and ratings.

I pointed to the problem of education in my defense of cloners as a sign of how poorly the public understands games. The rest of their suggestions are spot-on as well.

-Jamin Warren

[Via Daring Fireball]