Want to know the future of Sony? Look at president CEO Sir Howard Stringer’s recent past.

Sony has had a tough year from the tsunami in Japan that cost the company billions to the spate of hacks of the PlayStation Network to the realities of adapting an 160,000+ employee company to the realities of the the Internet age. As CEO Harold Stringer likely approaches the end of his tenure, according to Bloomsburg BusinessWeek, large changes still await the maker of the PlayStation and sleep doesn’t seem to be on Stringer’s schedule:

CEOs of multinationals travel a lot, but there can’t be many who log as many miles as Stringer. One recent trip took him from Tokyo to Los Angeles to London-his wife lives in England-to Paris to London and back to Tokyo, all in one week. Luckily, a stop in Beijing was canceled. “I do take a lot of sleeping pills,” he says.

It’s not lack of sleep, though, that irritates him when it’s suggested that Sony is not thought of as the innovator it once was. “Oh, f–k, we make so much more than we used to,” he says. He ticks off some of the products coming out this year, including binoculars that can record video and goggles for watching 3D video games and movies. “Don’t tell me that Sony technology isn’t great.”

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