Want To Play An Automatic RPG Generator?

Need to kill ten minutes? Head over to Boing Boing, where they’ve created a game that assigns you a random story, and then you take your brave pixel out into the world and try to snatch up other pixels and fight against even more pixels. Don’t like the storyline you’ve been given? Just press “refresh,” and you’ll have another one.

My game was called The Axe Of Adventure and here was my mission:

Are you good enough to rule the Hunger? The Swamp needs you, adventurer!

The land of Eavbo is in conflict and dragons terrorize the subjects. Search for the Sword of Satyrs in the forest of Zuib. Locate the Shield of Adventure in the tomb of Vaod. Collect the 16 golden idols and find the key of kings to unlock the secret of the rock of despair, where the evil Lyr gathers forces for the final attack.

Enter a world of wonder and menace with The Axe of Adventure , the most gruelling and challenging game of 1978. Remember, hero: Lyr threatens to destroy the Swamp!

All typos and grammatical errors have been left in, but you should cut The Axe of Adventure some slack: its synopsis was made by a computer.

-Drew Millard