Looky, looky: We’ve partnered up with Warby Parker for a game and glasses

Warby Parker and Kill Screen have in common a creative (and unconventional) approach to their respective fields of interest. Now we have a project in common, too: an original videogame and a pair of limited-edition glasses!

As of today, August 23rd, Warby Parker’s first-ever—and totally free—videogame is available to play on screens at the Warby Parker website. With the help of Highline Games, Warby Parker and Kill Screen designed a physics-based matching game that perfectly captures our shared love of design and entertainment. Visually, it’s as beautiful as to be expected from us, and the physics-based ballfeel (calm it!) hits the sweet spot of being both simple and fun.

perfectly captures our shared love of design and entertainment

The object of the game is to match and clear groups of like-colored balls in a bowl. The bowl is set on a work desk—ironically, a great place to play—that features made-up books with distracting titles (consider them a challenge!), a pair of good-looking glasses, and the always-important “tilt” button.

Warby Parker X Kill Screen Burke Glasses

The limited-edition glasses, Burke in Glacier Grey (a best-selling frame reimagined in a new hue), are crafted from premium cellulose acetate and equipped with lenses that have anti-scratch and anti-reflective coatings—which, conveniently, reduce the glare from screens. (Score!)

Inside the frame’s temple is an embossed Kill Screen logo in our signature red. Also included in the bundle is a custom lens pouch with artwork featuring the Kill Screen logo cleverly deconstructed into minimalist lines and shapes.

Further, to celebrate our teaming up with Warby Parker, we’re running Vision Week. It’s a collection of articles related to eyeballs and digital media. You can read each article below as they become available:

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Check out the Warby Parker website to order the limited edition glasses yourself, and to play the browser game (found at the bottom of the page).