Watch a crowd of digital people cheerfully run into a giant metal propeller

Digital artist Dave Fothergill has created a cheery glimpse into hell this Monday morning. Utilizing the 3D animation software Maya, he’s created a video of what happens when a crowd breaks out into a run, the only issue being that there is an enormous metal propeller in their way. You can guess what happens from there, but perhaps not the sometimes-frightening, sometimes-slapstick sense of variety with which the video plays out. 

There are a lot of questions here. What are they running from? Why don’t they run in any direction away from the giant metal propeller? Was this some sort of sporting event in a post-apocalyptic future? Is that Waldo? These questions have no answers. 

Still, if you’re planning to spend portions of the rest of your day watching this video, letting it slowly fill your heart with warmth like a mug of hot cocoa, as I so very dearly am planning, I recommend spending a couple viewings picking out individual characters and watching them throughout the :45 runtime. The realism fades away, becomes less generally frightening, and more and more comical. There’s this one guy in a red shirt who seems to jog eagerly into the fray right at the close of the video that I am currently composing a sonnet about. 

Update: Consider that sonnet made, sort of: Andy Baio has added a delightful soundtrack to the video here. Refresh to hear a new track. 

You can see more of Fothergill’s work here