Watch a guy in a Power Glove demo the terrible virtual reality of the 90s

This outrageous video of two Italian guys showing off virtual reality gear from the early ‘90s is pretty laughable—a great reminder that while the Oculus seems like the holy grail right now, in a few decades time it will almost certainly be badly outdated.

Here’s a little background on these VR enthusiasts’ setup. They created an open-source platform stitched together from various technologies. It ran in MS-DOS and was controlled by the Power Glove. It made use of the SegaScope peripheral for Master System as a VR mask, which sounds to me like a bad idea, even in the 1990s. But considering it’s an amalgam of toys, it’s pretty impressive. However, not as impressive as how it must feel to sit with fingers interlocked with one hand in a Power Glove. That’s the pose of playing with power.

via Prosthetic Knowledge