Watch this live-action Another World film get all Nicolas Refn

The opening sequence to Another World has been given the retrograde short-film-on-the-Web treatment, resulting in a solid two minutes of neon late-‘80s afterglow and synthpop. And you thought the famous intro to the classic adventure game by Éric Chahi couldn’t get any better. 

The 1991 game’s strange and beautiful rotoscoped graphics served as early proof of videogames’ potential to tell stories cinematically, so it’s about time someone made a cinematic homage. And this one, by a team of artists based in Poland, does it justice. While the whole “driving through the city at night while listening to electronic pop” thing is a tad over-done, here at least it meshes with the subject at hand. And, personally, I’m fine with every piece of entertainment I consume liberally borrowing from Drive

Get your nostalgia on below: 

Nice, but Chahi’s still wins: