Watch ten minutes of Quadrilateral Cowboy’s perspective-twisting mind-jacking

Quadrilateral Cowboy has gone through quite the metamorphosis over the course of development, as we can see in this footage of Brendon Chung showing off the new body-swapping, Betamax-hacking, entering-the-Matrix gameplay. 

Originally the game was due out in 2013 and was far less ambitious. It was one of those games where you theoretically learn to code through playing, like Hack ’n’ Slash and Minecraft. “It spurred players to be creative, and tapped into what I feel is a big joy of programming: empowering yourself through learning a new language …. ‘OK, what now?’” Chung told Edge. But since then the game has evolved into a heist-heavy puzzle game that involves mind-jacking the point-of-view of an ensemble of cube-headed cyber-criminals with distinct special abilities to do your dirty work. And it looks pretty great.