A video handily explains all the wonderful things videogames do for your brain

It’s well-documented at this point that playing videogames has an effect on your brain.

It’s just what effect, exactly, that scientists haven’t quite figured out. Something to do with decision-making and sensory awareness, right? But it’s a step toward appreciating games for what they are—valuable in their own right, without having to be Mavis Beacon snoozefests to gain legitimacy.

In that spirit, here’s a new video from GE’s Awareness Campaign, which hopes to illuminate the connections between everyday activities and the human brain. In a statement, Sam Olstein, GE’s Director of Innovation, had this to say: “Gaming and brain fitness can go hand-in-hand, and illustrating more universal truths like this helps us talk about the scientific discovery happening at GE.”

We think it does a great job proving why smart people are drawn to the medium. Keep these in your back pocket for your next dinner party.