Wave Trip turns every player into a chillwave genius

Last night I got a chance to kick my feet up with Wave Trip, a new snazzy music game by the sangfroid dudes at Lucky Frame. After doing so, I took it as my duty to tell you about it right away! Like all the great iOS games, Wave Trip is quite simple, almost disposable really. You pilot a lilting triangle. It has two suns. I guess it’s a spaceship. You lilt across the screen. You collect floating triangles and avoiding pink squares that wink. As you collect and dodge the flak, it plays a smooth medley.  At this point, the game reminds me of a chilled-out Bit.Trip Beat. 

But don’t quit there. It is also much more!

– – –

You see, Wave Trip is the music creation tool/game I’ve always wanted to play. Half fun fluffy flying game and half 16-step sequencer, you can take a level, while in the act of playing it, and remix it into your very on Flamenco-flavored, trip-hop chef d’oeuvre. 

This is great for a couple of reasons. One, it makes me sound like I know what I’m doing, even though I have no sense of rhythm and have only touched a Korg twice in my life. Seriously, it would require some effort to make a bad song with this pup. Two, and this is important, because the levels/tracks are actually fun to play/create. 

There is also a admittedly janky but perfectly functional interface for loading your songs/levels onto a server so that your friends and strangers on the internet can play. It’s basically the Little Big Planet of iPhone rhythm games. Discovering this, I began ignoring the preordained levels the developers had supplied and spent a good hour exploring the weird, irrational, and occasionally quite head-nodding levels others had made. 

The only thing is that not too many people seem to be aware you can do this. While quite a few of my friends have Wave Trip, not a one of them has uploaded a personalized song, and the creation that sits atop the “popular” list has a trifiling 26 likes. 

So what I’m trying to say is: get making songs people! I need some more levels to play.