We can almost guarantee Secrets of Raetikon will be a major influence on everybody

Some creators have the uncanny knack to be trendsetters. This goes for the Austrian developer Broken Rules, whose new game Secrets of Raetikon will be available on Steam Early Access come January 7th. 

You may be familiar with these Nostradamuses from Vienna by way of And Yet It Moves, an Independent Games Festival student entry of some accolade that predicted several big trends. It was auspiciously ahead of its time with its world-spinning platforming mechanic and its paper-craft aesthetic, which we’ll endearingly refer to as “the paper bag look.” Both of these ideas were influential, as we can think of the gravity-shifts in Super Mario Galaxy, and of paper art styles in Tearaway. (And in all of these  awesome games.) 

Does this mean the next big thing will be games about sailing quetzals through a post-painterly Gauguin wilderness? If the footage of Secrets of Raetikon is anything to go on, and naturally it is, being that it’s footage of the game, it’s definitely a possibility.