We let the Internet sum up CES so we don’t have to

If you’ve been following the tech and gaming blogs this week—and you have, or else you wouldn’t be here—you are aware that a pretty huge trade show known as the Consumer Electronics Show has been going down in Las Vegas. It can be a lot to keep up with, as this year we’ve got some big gaming news. We learned the Steam Machines are hideous. Sony’s launching a streaming service called PlayStation Now. The Oculus Rift now tracks your movement, so you can peek around a virtual wall. Intel brought levitating whales to their conference. And don’t forget about this strange pair of virtual reality headphones

And that’s just a small fraction. But don’t sweat it. The Verge has you covered, condensing their coverage of thousands of dog-mounted cameras and traceable tennis rackets into five minutes of video footage. Of particular greatness is the Sony conference being pared down to a couple of minutes. Those can drag on forever.