We literally can’t stop watching animated GIFs of this guy doing regular things

We don’t know much about the mysterious Humqn Fishbowl other than the fact that it’s fucking mesmerizing. Created by a person known on Twitter as Franklin’s Ghost, whose biography includes only the detail that they are a “creator of stuff,” we spotted a few GIFs on the game’s TIG forum and have been watching the loops, slack-jawed, ever since.

The concept, along with the seamless GIFs, is simple yet unique. You interact with a figure using touch-based commands (presumably on a mobile device). Each body part you interact with causes a different animation to play, creating an atmosphere of exploration as certain kinds of swipes and inputs unlock more about this mysterious every man. Though that’s the most the creator is willing to divulge right now, there are hints that the premise goes much deeper. When asked why the title includes a typo, the creator responded that “Humqn is actually a little play on the guy not being completely human which you find out as you interact more with them.”

The smoothness of the animations can be attributed to the fact that they were rotoscoped, a technique in which animators trace over film footage frame by frame. “The wobble effect is a result of my process,” he explains. “I redrew the idle animation every frame instead of reusing parts which gives it that effect.” The style strikes a balance between the robotic and the human, the wobbly effect giving a glimpse into the human hands that built such a perfectly synchronized movement. The creator films himself for every action, adding a layer of self-portrait (or self-giffing) to the project. The latest animation finds our every man sitting back on the most iconic chair in all of Westeros, his hands resting on his knees as he gazes back at you, the pleb, who will watch his non-human humanness until he releases you.

There’s no release date yet, and development still seems to be at an early stage. You can follow the creator on Twitter for more updates.