The teletext photo editor turns your selfies into beautiful, abrasive pixels

Teletext the World is a photo-editing website and tool that can transform any photo into primary, abrasive teletext imagery. It kinda looks like an Anna Anthropy game. 

But what’s a teletext anyway? A brief history lesson: teletext predated the World Wide Web by transmitting info like news and weather to television sets in bright bold colors. The lone remnant of it in the digital television era is closed captioning, although I believe there are some troopers out there somewhere in Europe sticking with it. 

The web app reminds me of Christine Love’s Interstellar Selfie Station, but with less emphasis on the selfies, since this software renders your chiseled high cheekbones beyond all human recognition with the slightest bump of the slider. But it’s fun to play around with, so give ‘er a whirl.

img and source via Prosthetic Knowledge